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Roofing & Gutters

At Bayview Exteriors, we’re committed to delivering the best residential roof repair and installation services — without hidden costs or shortcuts.

Whether your roof needs a small repair or a total tear off, Bayview Exteriors has the team, expertise and equipment to handle whatever issue you may have. Pitched roof or flat roof, we have the knowledge and expertise to make sure that your roof keeps you dry and secure.

Your roof’s durability depends on several factors, such as type and quality roof materials, manufacturer, attachment method, and life expectancy. With all of this in mind, our experienced roofing team can identify potential issues before it rains and provide you with recommendations for resolving the issues. Whether it’s a few key replacements or a more comprehensive re-roof, you can be assured we’ll provide you with the most cost -effective roofing solution.

Along with your roof, gutters provide an outlet for water and snow to drain away from your house. Needless to say, they’re very important: when gutters become clogged, it can result in a “ponding” or leaking roof, a flooded basement, or damage to your foundation, windows, and doors. Thankfully for you, we also offer gutter protection which works to avoid the issues that can come with clogged gutters.

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